EA Supreme Omega Oil helps with a glossy coat, healthy skin and overall well-being.
• High-quality, cold-pressed flax (linseed) oil, grown and produced in the UK.
• Provides an ideal ratio of approximately 3.7 : 1 omega 3: omega 6 fatty acids.
• Omega 3 fatty acids play key roles in supporting a normal inflammatory response, vital for joint health, immune function, the nervous system and reproductive health.
• Promotes healthy, glossy skin and coat.
• Provides additional calories for horses needing a low-starch diet, or those struggling to maintain weight (e.g. veterans with poor dentition).

Key Ingredients per 50g Serving:

Linseed/Flax Oil 30mls
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 15.7g
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 4.2g
Omega 3 : Omega 6 ratio 3.7 : 1.0

Directions for Use:
- For 500kg horse; 30-60ml per day. If required; increase to 100ml per day.
- (When feeding higher levels of EA Supreme Omega Oil, please ensure vitamin E levels in the rest of the diet are sufficient to meet requirements. For more information, please contact us.)