Tye Gard helps support healthy muscle function.
• Tye Gard provides key antioxidant micronutrients, including Vitamin E and selenium, as well as Chelated Copper to mop up free radicals and reduce oxidative damage to muscle cells.
• Also includes powerful plant-based antioxidants including Melon Pulp (a rich natural source of key antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Beetroot to support muscle cell membrane health.
• Provides bio-available calcium from Calcium Gluconate to support Calcium transport across muscle cell membranes.
• Contains Glycine – a key amino acid for antioxidant production and muscle repair.
• BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited ensuring our products are fully compliant with The Rules of Racing and the FEI guidelines for Clean Sport.

Key Ingredients Per 30ml Serving:

Vitamin E 1000mg
Calcium Gluconate 900mg
Selenium 0.75mg
Beetroot 200mg
Melon Pulp (providing SOD) 230mg
Copper 50mg
Glucosamine Glycine

Feeding Direction:
- For a typical 500kg horse per day: 30ml.
- The day before and the morning of the event: 60ml. Thereafter: 30ml.
- Maximum: 60ml per day.

Use Tye-Gard® daily for horses in high levels of training or competition to ensure optimum muscle health.
Please note the new colour. Our UK NOPS-approved manufacturers do not use any artificial colourings.